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There’s little argument that video walls are one of the most impressive and eye catching modern marketing tools available. With flat panel displays becoming lighter, thinner and increasingly affordable, the options for using them in multi-screen arrays to create large, dynamic marketing visuals are increasingly appealing for businesses of every size. While the technology is certainly more accessible than it once was, purchasing multiple displays and the necessary equipment needed to install and operate them may not be feasible for every company. At ABCOMRENTS we provide LED video wall rental and support services that offer all of the advantages of this engaging technology, while alleviating the logistical headaches they can cause.

The Ultimate in Visibility and Versatility

Flat panel displays have become a staple of event and tradeshow marketing. Much more than just static signage, video screens allow for a host of additional display options. This allows businesses to feature products that can’t normally be transported or assembled at an event, provide additional informational opportunities and helps staff supplement their presentation of product details and statistics. The emergence of video walls has taken these displays to a new level, allowing for screen real estate that would have been cost prohibitive or impossible in the past. Marketers can now create dynamic booth backdrops, presentation platforms or information centers that work to both draw attention and provide added sales opportunities.

The Latest In Touchscreen Technology

One of the newest innovations comes in the form of touchscreen technology. This exciting new capability lets both presenters and attendees directly interact with on-screen information. What were once purely graphical booth features can now serve as large interactive kiosks. Multitouch functionality allows up to 32 individual points of contact to be active, meaning guests are free to interact with the screen in whatever way a business might choose, from filling out contact forms to providing a nearly hands-on product demonstration.

Let Us Take Care Of Maintenance And Setup

By working with a professional rental provider like ABCOMRENTS you not only have access to the latest technology, like our top of the line 165” LED Touchscreen Video Wall, but you’ll also have our fully trained and knowledgeable technicians at your disposal. While you’re focused on selling your products and services, let us worry about ensuring the display you have chosen is properly set up and calibrated.

In addition, after the event there’s no need to worry about transportation, storage, maintenance or other logistics surrounding your display. The next time you’re in need of an impressive LED video wall rental, all  you have to do is contact us at 630-250-9393 and we’ll be there to help make your marketing vision a reality.