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When you rent video wall displays to convey a message about your company and its products or services, you are taking advantage of one of the most innovative, high impact methods available to capture the attention of your target audience. Many people who rent video wall displays, however, don’t utilize them effectively, missing opportunities to maximize their message. Our tips can help your company get optimal bang for your buck when using a video wall display.

Keep It Short And Sweet

When you rent video wall displays, you may want to improve brand awareness, convey your mission statement or announce a new product or service. Whatever the message is, keep it short and to the point. A video wall is meant to use color, motion and sound to quickly and boldly capture the attention of viewers. The narrative shouldn’t be longer than several seconds; distill the message to its essence for maximum impact.

Take Full Advantage Of Motion

Keep in mind that when you rent video wall displays, you can use sight, sound and motion together. Use motion effectively by making it bold and attention grabbing. By using a video click featuring broad movements rather than smaller, less obvious movements, you’ll draw visitors’ attention to your message in a way no simple photograph or static image can. When you rent video wall displays, movement can capture the eye even peripherally and draw the attention of the viewer.

Consider Unusual Placement

While many companies rent video wall displays as the backdrop at trade show booths, there are many other ways you can utilize them. Consider unusual placement opportunities such as to the side of the entrance to a seminar to give visitors an enticing “prelude” to the main event or to reinforce the message as they leave the room. Or rent video wall displays to capture a moment and display it at unusual venues such as business luncheons or banquets.  Also, if you have a large exhibit space might it maybe worthwhile to have two or more video walls that can be flown from the rafters, which can capture potential customers’ attention from anywhere in the exhibit hall. Smaller configurations can also be used in the entry point to your exhibit space of your business to introduce visitors to your capabilities and latest achievements. They can be constructed as a tower, 1×3 which is one panel wide and 3 tall; 2×2, 3×3, 4×4 up to 10×10 for multiple images to be displayed or one large one or a combination.

Use Professional Installation And Maintenance

ABCOM’s staff of trained technicians and professionals ensures proper set-up, installation and maintenance every time a business rents video wall displays. We will provide the appropriate hardware, brackets, cooling equipment and video components so that you can rest easy knowing your video wall display will perform beautifully and reliably.

To rent video wall displays for your company’s needs, visit our website or call 630-250-9393 to learn  about how ABCOM can turn your visual concepts into reality.