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Companies who offer computers, laptops and video equipment rentals to companies have quickly jumped on the iPad bandwagon, and for good reason. When you rent an iPad, you’re getting a top quality product that combines the functionality of a laptop with the size and portability of a tablet. It gives you the best of both worlds in one sleek piece of technology. If you rent an iPad, you’ll quickly discover distinct advantages you won’t get with bulkier computers, including:

1. True Portability For On The Road

Nearly everyone attending a conference or trade show event these days ends up schlepping their laptop with them so that they can stay in constant contact with their office and have access to documents and software they may need. But today’s tablets can keep you in the loop without having to carry those extra pounds of hardware. Rent an iPad you can easily slip into your briefcase or tote bag and you’ll have one less bag to carry around and a much lighter load. Exhibitors can even house surveys that potential customers can answer as they walk by or capture contact information. Plus, you can always be connected with your iPad rental by asking ABCOM for one with 3G or 4G service included.

2. Improved Graphics And Memory When you Rent An iPad With The Latest Upgrades

When tablets were first introduced to the market, they had limited functionality due to memory constraints, but you won’t have this problem when you rent an iPad from ABCOM. Our line of iPads have impressive Retina Display graphics capabilities and increased memory that can be custom configured for your specific needs and that will rival even the best laptops for performance and features.

3. The Green Option Makes Taking Notes Easier

Taking notes on your laptop isn’t feasible at most conferences and seminars because you simply don’t have the room to take a full size laptop. Taking notes with pen and paper isn’t accurate or convenient. The solution is to rent an iPad or iPad mini and take notes quickly and easily no matter what the venue is. The small size makes it easy to take notes unobtrusively and doesn’t waste paper.  This way you have an electronic copy that can be easily emailed to yourself or colleagues that were not able to attend the meeting. For large corporate meetings, issuing preloaded iPads with apps, schedules, presentations and interactive survey responses allows for every company attendee to be well prepared at the start of every meeting. This also saves the company money on printing and saves the environment by going green.

ABCOM has been renting audio-visual equipment and computers to businesses of all sizes for nearly twenty-five years. We carry a complete line of desktops, laptops and tablets for all your business needs. Call 630-250-9393 or visit our website to rent iPads at a price that won’t break your budget.