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It’s no secret that the Samsung ME Series of displays has prominently left its mark on the showroom floor. Offering a superior HD display and slim, easy to transport chassis, this product line has earned its reputation as an obvious choice for businesses looking to stand apart from the highly-competitive trade show marketing crowd for a variety of reasons. The ME Series allows quick and easy display of content from a USB thumb drive, making the device portable enough to set up at any point of customer contact you wish. Additionally, the ME Series’ LED backlight, 5000:1 contrast ratio, and 1920 x 1080 full HD resolution result in a bright, crisp picture making it virtually impossible for passersby to miss.

Other Ways To Incorporate This Superior LED Display Rental Throughout Your Business Operations

While using these versatile and powerful display screens as part of your trade show presence proves a financially salient promotional solution, it’s important to note marketing conventions aren’t the only place a Samsung ME Series’ LED display rental makes business sense. There are a wide range of other uses to incorporate an LED display rental that may not have occurred to you. There diverse and comprehensive list of other ways to utilize an LED display rental includes:

Grand Openings: Looking for an inventive way to celebrate a grand opening, or announce a new product line? Worried that you’ll go over budget procuring new display units to further your brand with your attending audience? Strategic placement of rented Samsung ME Series displays in high-traffic areas throughout your location is an effective way to get your message across for long lasting impact.

Offsite Company Meetings: Anyone who has planned an offsite corporate gathering knows firsthand that coordinating all the details remotely can prove daunting. Opting to rent displays from the Samsung ME Series’ product line means that you’ll never have to worry about transporting your internal equipment to and from the event itself. Instead, you’ll arrive to find your LED display rental options waiting and ready when you are.

New Client Opportunities: Every savvy entrepreneur knows it’s important to be poised to respond whenever and wherever opportunity knocks. However, sometimes business potential expands a bit quicker than our financial means. Renting one (or several) of these high-resolution display units means that you can convene around-the-clock strategy sessions with your entire team, without going over your procurement budget.

Unforeseen Natural Events: Unfortunately, we’ve all learned that Mother Nature doesn’t always comply with our business needs. If your business has suffered from an act of nature, it’s imperative to spring into action quickly. Opting for an LED display rental can help salvage your operations and get you back to business as usual as fast as possible.

Other Benefits Of Using The Samsung ME Series As An LED Display Rental

Beyond its diverse range of uses, the Samsung ME Series also delivers other benefits as well. Should it be necessary to build a video wall to display information to a great number of people at once, the Samsung ME Series’ very thin bezels along the top and sides of the screen make for a nearly seamless wall when several of the displays are placed together.

Furthermore, ABCOMRENTS boasts an industry-leading response and turnaround time and offers clients 24/7 tech support, so you can be certain your LED display rental will be ready to go as soon as your team is. With so many features and amenities, it’s easy to see how, no matter what the situation, event, or location, renting a Samsung ME Series display can truly boost your corporate flexibility and overall brand visibility.