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Want to draw a crowd at your next convention or event? Try a 55” indoor kiosk rental from ABCOMRENTS. Indoor kiosks are highly interactive, show-stopping pieces of technology that will grab the attention of any passersby, causing them to stop long enough for you to make a connection with them.

Use a kiosk rental in a multitude of ways: to collect contact information, obtain survey results, share information about your company or products, let users sign up for a drawing at the event or just give them a place to access the Internet. The underlying idea is the same in all of these situations – grab the attention of people and keep them engaged.

ABCOMRENTS 55″ Touchscreen Kiosk Rental

Our 55″ portrait touchscreen kiosk rental is the perfect way to grab attention. These multi-point LED touchscreens are available single-sided or double-sided for dual impact. The touchscreen design is sleek and modern, powered by an integrated Dual-Core I5 Processor, Windows 8 and built-in wireless capabilities. There are as many as 10 simultaneous touchpoints, allowing you and your guests to interact with the kiosk at the same time. Secured doors allow for quick and easy access to the display while preventing unwanted access inside the unit. The indoor touchscreen kiosk rental is fully brandable with your logo or information for added exposure.

Dimensions are: 34″ x 78.12″ x 20.5″.

Indoor Kiosk Rental from ABCOMRENTS

Indoor kiosk rental makes sense for organizations that only need to use the technology a few times a year. Aside from the initial purchase price, indoor kiosks need to be maintained and stored when not in use and then shipped as needed. That is large carrying cost for a temporary piece of equipment! Save money and save yourself some headaches by renting an indoor kiosk from ABCOMRENTS.

Rentals are available nationwide and we rent by the day, week, month or long-term. Rent from a proven leader in technology rentals and services. For the past 25 years, ABCOMRENTS has grown significantly year over year due to its unsurpassed service and superior support on a national level. To learn more about our indoor kiosks or to arrange for an indoor kiosk rental, contact ABCOMRENTS at 630-250-9393 or request a quote online.