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When video display technology first emerged, it revolutionized trade show and event marketing. Suddenly businesses were able to demonstrate products in action and offer far more engaging presentations. Now, the latest evolution of this time-tested marketing powerhouse is here. Seamless Video walls are becoming a popular solution for clients that want to take their presentations to the next level. Combined with touch screen technology, these awe-inspiring panels make the perfect option for creating engaging marketing displays, digital signage and innovative interactive presentations.

LCD & LED Video Wall Rental Options

Every presentation or event will have its own unique set of variables, which is why it’s important to consider a wide range of LCD & LED video wall rental options. The 46″ NEC X462UN and X463UN LCD displays can be custom configured in virtually any layout and feature an ultra-narrow bezel design with only 5.7mm between active image areas. An array of these beautiful screens is perfect for creating breathtaking visuals that blend seamlessly.

When larger graphics, advertising or presentations are needed, the 55″ NEC X551UN is a state-of-the-art LED screen capable of 1920×1080 resolution for seamless, crystal-clear, high definition display of all your marketing materials. Advanced LED backlighting technology helps to improve image uniformity and create true-to-life visuals unmatched by older LCD screens, with a mere 5.5mm separating active screen areas.

For the ultimate in interactivity and wow factor, LCD & LED video wall rental displays can be outfitted with 32-point multi touch capability. Touch screens have become an extremely popular tool that allow for direct interaction by exhibitors and attendees alike. With the advancements in multi-touch technology, these displays can react to up to 32 separate points of contact, opening up a wealth of presentation possibilities. Touch screen video wall arrays can be created with up to 165″ of display area using a 3×3 matrix of NEC X551UN screens for the ultimate in show-stopping visual impact.

The Appeal of Interactivity

With a wide variety of screen sizes and array options, there’s virtually no end to the uses for these state-of-the-art displays. If you’re ready to take your marketing visuals to the next level, contact ABCOMRENTS today to find out how their LCD & LED video wall rental solutions can help your business make a splash at your next event.