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Sonny Goyal is the managing director of ABCOMRENTS, headquartered in Chicago. Sonny has achieved hyper-growth year over year based on his forward thinking mindset to bring fresh, new and innovative technology to the event rental industry. His drive comes directly from his passion for technology and bringing this technology to people through client events.

Sonny takes an active leadership role maintaining a front seat on industry trends, overseeing business development & operations and cultivating an energetic and fun corporate culture. He empowers his leadership team to be decision-makers and promotes the corporate culture throughout the team.

Outside of work, Sonny is also a husband and father of two young boys. Sonny is involved with Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) and Young Professionals Organization (YPO) which helps entrepreneurs lead and grow through peer-to-peer learning and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. One of his favorite things to do is listen to EDM (aka ENERGY) music.