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Ali Vafa is the CEO of ABCOMRENTS and SmartSource Rentals.  He is a seasoned Executive with 30 years of experience in the Event Technology/Audio Visual industry. A graduate of the University of Texas’ Moody College of Communication, Ali has spent his career entrenched in all things media, technology, and AV related; from running cable at sporting events and DJing for the local jazz station, to overseeing world stage productions, to shepherding through a dozen acquisitions and mergers and overseeing $300 million in annual operations, both domestically and internationally.  Ali is well known in the industry for his authenticity, relationship skills, management finesse, and his innovation, always laser focused on new service offerings that help differentiate his business from its competitors.

Ali came to the CEO role from a position on the ABCOMRENTS and SmartSource Rentals Board of Directors, who challenged him to bring his broad swath of industry insights to unify the two organizations into one super-charged company that impeccably serves and exceeds customer needs. Ali headquarters from the corporate offices in Chicago and Hauppauge, NY, though you are more likely to run into him in one of the dozens of branch offices.

When not with his wife and two children, you’ll find Ali in his shop restoring vintage motorcycles or planning rides to far off places. If it has two wheels, there’s a good chance Ali is well familiar with it. If he isn’t, he’ll surely want to talk about it.