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One of the most congested spots at any event  is the registration desk. Slow connections, long lines, misspelled information, all of these things and more end up making the wait longer than it needs to be.

You can avoid those headaches with tablet or kiosk registration rentals. Self-service kiosks cut down on the amount of administrative time staff needs to spend checking people in and allows registrants who don’t have changes, questions, or concerns to zip through the registration check-in process.

Multitasking Masters

Self-service kiosk rentals can be used for many different applications and with our innovative designs they can also be very space conscious! ABCOMRENTS offers a variety of kiosks that are slim profile, interactive, portable and some even battery operated! Rent one of the self-service kiosks or one that incorporates tablets like the iPad or Microsoft Surface Pro. Tablets’ easy portability and long battery life make them ideal tools for off-site events. A Surface Pro4 rental could even eliminate the need to bring laptops to the event entirely since they can be used as both a workstation and an interactive device.

The portability and versatility make tablets the perfect choice for maximizing event budgets. After registration is complete, the tablets can also be used to check email from the office, as well as easily move the kiosk to a new location and open up programs or display information for event attendees. The interactive capabilities of tablets and/or kiosk rentals are endless. Bluetooth printer connections even allow users to print from anywhere in the event! Attendees can print off a copy of the day’s events, search for nearby restaurants, or check flight information. You can also limit user ability to fit your event needs; use for event-related activities only, open it up for free Wi-Fi use, or use it to display information of your choosing. As you can see, there are a multitude of uses for the kiosk rentals!

Contact ABCOMRENTS For Registration Kiosk Rentals

ABCOMRENTS has a variety of tablet and kiosk rentals available including iPad and Surface Pro rental products in floor stands or counter top heights. Rentals can be delivered right to your event location and we can also provide set-up and technical support. When you rent from ABCOMRENTS you are renting from a 28-year leader in technology rentals and services. Call us at 630-250-9393 arrange for a kiosk registration rentals or request a quote online.