Reseller, Integrator and Rental Partner

for Wholesale AV & IT Solutions

The Rental & Staging Industry is a BILLION dollar industry and ABCOMRENTS is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art, large quantity wholesale AV & IT rental equipment. We have built our reputation within the Rental & Staging Industry for unparalleled service and support to all of our clients, whom we treat as PARTNERS. We integrate our team into your team and together we form one company with a common goal: flawless events staged to perfection.

Industry Rental Standards

There is an unwritten rule in the Rental & Staging Industry related to “industry standards.” One of those standards is related to the quality of equipment: commercial grade, show ready equipment from major manufacturers. There are a few exceptions to the rule for consumer models that have consumer driven apps or functions that are not available in the commercial line. ABCOMRENTS has strict standards on quality and we only supply equipment from major manufacturers to ensure there is no equipment failure onsite.

A large advantage of partnering with ABCOMRENTS is our technology buying power. We are one of the largest resellers of technology to the Rental & Staging Industry for specific brands. We bring technology to our clients less expensive and faster than others and quantity is never a problem. If you have a need for 100s of matching computer rentals, video wall rentals, display rentals or touch screen rentals, we will make it happen. Our focus is to support you and your team in unimaginable ways.

Industry Standards

Operational Excellence

We work with some of the largest AV Rental & Staging Companies in the world. They turn to us to help support their events and their clients. We customize our services to make it easier for their operations and fulfillment teams to do their job. We can customize labels, include PO and client order numbers, add piece counts and even customize images that match our partners standards. We are extremely flexible and can adapt any part of our operations to match our partners’ operational standards. This ultimately leads to cost savings for our partner clients and streamlines their own operations when sub-renting equipment.

ABCOMRENTS sends trucks daily all over the country to client offices and even direct to show sites. Dedicated freight, local trucks and onsite technicians including full service and support are all standards of ABCOMRENTS!

Operational Excellence

Solutions Focused Rentals

“Do you have a display that I can put at the bottom of the swimming pool, connect to my laptop and play videos? Really??” I am sure your sales team has had some crazy requests. Honestly, we LOVE those types of challenges. While building a surround for a display in a pool is not our usual forte, we relish the challenge to bring the unimaginable to fruition. Our philosophy is to never say NO, so we make your request work or we will come up with an alternate solution for you to take back to your client. So, train your sales team to say YES!  ….then contact ABCOMRENTS!

Solutions Focused

Unique Rental Products

Clients have unique and sometimes very specific requests on brand, size, color, etc., which may not be something that is the norm in our rental industry. We value our partners and we will do our best to honor those bizarre and often risky equipment requests. We have purchased equipment time and time again to help meet the demand of our partner clients. We take the RISK and invest in technology that your company might not want to invest in.
Disclaimer: We really do try and support every unique request, however it is not always possible. There are limits to our superhuman buying power and re-rentability.

Unique Products

White Labeled Brochures and Non-Branded Equipment

All of the solutions we offer and all of the products we develop are available to you for resale to your clients. Our goal is to move technology and utilize our partner companies to help us. As you review the services and products we offer, we can provide white labeled or non-branded brochures complete with all product specifications, for you to include in your client presentations.
All of our equipment is also non-branded. A simple barcode with an asset number is placed on each inventory item. Our cases/boxes have our name in small lettering and no other branding elsewhere. We respect our partner’s clients and the relationships they have built.

White Label

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