Rental Partner, Integrator and Distributor of Transparent OLED Technology Solutions

ABCOMRENTS is breaking the market with Transparent OLED Touch and Non-Touch Display solutions. The OLED consists of self-emitting diodes that can operate in any environment, which makes it possible to achieve transparency even without a backlight.
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HD Resolution

All designs is equipped with Full-HD resolution at 1920×1080 px.


Touch Option

Up to 40 points of simultaneous touch!


High Visibility

Spectators can enjoy view-ability from every angle!



45% Transmittance through the screen – you see what’s behind.


Two Types of OLED Available for Rental or Integration






The Innovate Transparent Series is a brand-new type of solution, which makes it possible to achieve transparency without a backlight. The 55” Transparent OLED consists of self-emitting diodes which can operate in any inside environment. Without the need of a backlight or showcase, the Innovate Transparent see-through OLED screen can be placed in the middle of a room or integrated into a wall creating a UNIQUE customer experience!



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