From 2D Photo to Virtual Staging and Designing in
Immersive Mixed Reality!

You can now experience your roOomy virtually staged listing photos in fully
immersive Mixed Reality through your Magic Leap 1!
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Get Started by renting your Magic Leap 1 device for an event or on a month-to-month basis from ABCOMRENTS

 Place your roOomy Virtual Staging order at and use promo code: ABCOMRENTS

 Your roOomy virtual staging order will include photo-based virtual stagings PLUS QR codes to view your designs through your Magic Leap 1.*



How Do I View My Ordered roOomy Virtual Stagings in
My Magic Leap 1?


Simply scan the QR code that roOomy provides with your virtual staging order while wearing your Magic Leap 1, and your roOomy Virtual Staging will appear right in front of you.






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*Only available for roOomy Virtual Staging orders and does not apply to roOomy Virtually Staged Matterport 3D Tours.