ABCOMRENTS has everything you need to manage occupancy limits in real time with visual messages & alerts


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Across the country, businesses are challenged to adhere to new public health and safety guidelines without sacrificing the guest experience. As part of your strategy, consider including a touch-less Automated Occupancy Counter.


You can even embed the counter live onto an existing website

Create your own website for an event, use an existing site, or use for sponsorship opportunities with an up-to-date live count of occupancy.




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Ideal for corporate offices, restaurants, schools, and any other indoor facility, our automated occupancy kiosks offer:

  • The ability to set occupancy levels based on local and state guidelines
  • Near real-time tracking of visitors/staff entering and exiting your space (refreshes every 10-15 seconds)
  • Automated messaging when occupancy level has reached capacity and entry by additional persons needs to pause
  • Traffic light indicators based on occupancy levels
  • Multiple entrances and exits can be monitored simultaneously using the same kiosk
  • Employee-facing dashboard
  • Staff alerts when occupancy level has been reached
  • On-screen branding with the ability to embed the counter within a webpage
  • Custom vinyl branding for a personal touch

Available in a variety of display sizes, the Automated Occupancy Counters can help you create a positive experience while complying with regulations to ensure proper social distancing and the health and safety of all.


Everything you need is available now. Please contact your ABCOMRENTS representative or call (866) 986-2187 today.