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Video wall displays are a hot new trend in advertising and communications. Bigger, brighter and more eye-catching than individual kiosks or computer workstations, video wall displays are commonly found on trade show floors. These attention-grabbing devices are showing up in unexpected areas like the corporate boardroom or the business lobby.

How Video Walls Work

A video wall is made up of several displays set side by side to form one large screen. Together, they make up one large image, although they can be set up to display a unique image on each screen as well. The images are fed into the wall via cables connected to the image source: laptops, cameras, PCs or DVDs.

Thanks to improvements in technology, the cost to rent video wall displays has come down. As the cost has lowered, use has gone up, and we’ve seen video walls appear in venues large and small around the world.

Rent Video Wall Displays To Supplement Your Advertising

Instead of using multiple monitors, more and more advertisers are simply using more displays, hence, the video wall. The high-resolution images offer effective advertising anywhere people congregate. Businesses can use them to show ads, videos or display messages in their waiting areas and lobbies or along corridors.

The walls have made their way off the tradeshow floor and into the corporate world as videoconferencing has become more common. A video wall makes it possible for everyone in the room to see what or who is on the screen, eliminating the need for multiple displays. Purchasing a wall and all the related components is expensive. Many businesses choose to rent video wall displays just for the times they need them as a cost-saving measure, but this approach also allows the company to have access to the newest technology every time they rent video wall displays.

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