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ABCOMRENTS has made one of its largest investments in the 2.5mm LEDskin from beMatrix. This adds to ABCOM’s already broad inventory of LED Solutions and also extends their current rental offerings from beMatrix. ABCOM carries both the 3.1mm and 2.5mm LEDskin tiles for the rental & staging market.

ABCOM prides itself on being the first to market with new and unique technology offerings. They were one of the first rental companies to invest in the 3.1mm LEDskin tiles nearly a year and a half ago and able to provide this solution to fill an unmet need in the marketplace. Many of their clients wanted a LED solution that would save time & labor and in turn money, and the LEDskin accomplished this. With the recent launch of the 2.5mm LEDskin tiles, it was natural for ABCOMRENTS to add these to the rental inventory to meet the needs of customers that were seeking a higher resolution video wall.

ABCOM purchased nearly 900 LEDskin tiles, which is one of their largest single investments in LED. All are built with the latest model processors and from the same LED batch. They have also invested in several curved and corner tiles. With ABCOM’s recent combination with SmartSource, it provides them the ability to offer the beMatrix LEDskin tiles to their entire customer base from their 21 national locations.

The combined entity has one of the largest reach to provide this technology from full service solution with LED technicians or as simple as a dry rental. Robert Laarhoven, President of beMatrix USA stated, “ABCOM has been a great partner in supplying beMatrix customers with expert knowledge of LED and technology solutions. Their full service and support has truly been a value add to any customer that has rented LEDskin tiles from them.”

“beMatrix has been an amazing partner and the LEDskin is a truly diverse and incredible product. The possibilities are limitless when you have this quantity of tiles and the ability to create unique designs utilizing the concave and convex curves as well as the seamless LED corners. There isn’t a better solution out there that allows you to combine digital content with static graphics in one framing solution. This product has been truly a game changer for the tradeshow and event industry.” stated Vishal Goyal, Director of Business Development.