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Innovate Charging Station

No one likes a dead phone, especially when you are out at an event. ABCOMRENTS is proud to announce that we now carry the Innovate Cell Phone Charging Station in our rental inventory. The charging station rental is a compact unit that will allow your event attendees to safely and securely charge their phones.

The Innovate Phone Charging Station is a heavy-duty, steel-constructed station with six individual lockers allowing multiple users to charge at the same time. These lockers are equipped with adapters, covering most phones. Customers can access these lockers by swiping their credit card, a key card, or entering a custom pin number to unlock the locker. When they are done charging, they can simply use the same method to retrieve their device. The Innovate Cell Phone Charging Station Rentals can be custom wrapped in a vinyl design, easily allowing you to display your company or show information. The charging station comes with a built-in 15-inch touchscreen that can be programmed to display any content you’d like and also has the capabilities of data analytics by asking your attendees pre-programmed questions. In addition to the built in screen this locker can be paired with a 46” display rental to maximize exposure!

ABCOMRENTS has seen these products rented for use in multiple industries. One of our favorite use cases as mentioned above is at a conference. The Innovate charging station rental was mounted in the lobby with the event logo on it. Every pair of eyes entering the conference saw this unique piece of branded technology. Another cool branded use case was during a tradeshow conference in Las Vegas. The station was rented and branded with a booth logo for attendees to enjoy free of charge and connect this positive experience with that specific brand. This worked well for the exhibiting booth because it gave them two opportunities to engage – once when they left the phone and a second time when they came back to retrieve their charged phone. We have also seen them used in a really effective way at airports and other transportation hubs. Shops near by can pay a marketing fee to have their info or logos flashing across the display screen so the airport can profit without having to charge users. Association meetings, pop-up stores, experiential marketing events – the use cases are endless!

Most companies do not have an everyday need for these charging stations so we make it easy for them to rent it for a fraction of the price. We are extremely knowledgeable with these charging station rentals and want the opportunity to bring them to your door. Let us handle the shipping, delivery and setup, and teardown; we handle everything so you can focus on the event. Renting a Innovate Cell Phone Charging Station from ABCOMRENTS is cost effective and worry-free. Check out our inventory next time you have technology needs!

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Innovate Charging Station Rental

Innovate Charging Station Rental

1. Swipe Key Card, Credit Card, enter PIN Code or Cell Number 2. Plug in device, close door in SECURE locker 3. Unlock with the same method as lock to retrieve charged device