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Microsoft Surface Hub

We were very excited about the new Microsoft Surface Hub back when they first announced it, but then we added it to our rental inventory and it blew our minds!

As you would expect, the Microsoft Surface Hub Rental has a beautiful screen with touch capabilities. This isn’t anything new. We have huge video walls that are touch capable in our rental inventory. Where the Surface Hub really shines is collaboration and presentation.

Do you need to setup a temporary boardroom or temporary office at a tradeshow or event? The Microsoft Surface Hub Rental’s video conferencing and collaborative apps can help your teams work together. Whether it is a customer interface where executives are unable to make the event or a brainstorming session about a brand new product or an epic planning session for launch, this device allows you to work as one. Apps like Mural, StormBoard, and Drawboard PDF allow your employees to get their ideas down quickly and efficiently while Skype for business allows you to work with remote teams face-to-face.

Unlike most touch screens (and like most digital whiteboards), the Microsoft Surface Hub Rental works well with a pen stylus to write with “ink”. The ink on the Microsoft Surface Hub is so fluid and responsive that it feels just like a pen on paper and is pressure sensitive. It also lets two people ink at the same time! This greatly enhances this rentals inherent collaborative nature and allows it to be used as an advanced presentation screen. The presentation capabilities are taken even farther by apps like PowerPoint and Power BI.

With the ability to download a wide array of apps from the Windows Store, there are wide array of applications for this display rental. Use the 55” Microsoft Hub rental for interactive meeting room at a tradeshow or event or the incredible 84” Microsoft Hub rental with 4K resolution to present to larger audiences while creating engagement and collaboration.

ABCOMRENTS is excited to have both the 55” (HP6-00001-DUP) and the 84” (HP7-00001-DUP) in available for events nationally. You can find more detailed information, as well as get a quote, on our Microsoft Surface Hub product page.

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