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ABCOMRENTS is excited to announce that we now carry the LG Dual-View 55 inch OLED (LG 55EH5C) for rental. This amazing piece of technology is a dual sided screen that offers a Full HD multimedia experience. The LG dual view OLED rental can showcase a more lifelike viewing experience to capture anyone’s attention at any tradeshow or event.

These displays provide a wide viewing angle with crisp clear motion, perfect blacks, and intense colors in one single ultra-thin design. The new display, measuring in at ONLY 8.94 millimeters (0.4 inches) thick, can be used in spaces never before considered. The LG Dual-View 55” OLED rental can be displayed in many different places using the three different installation options – ceiling suspension, wall-mount, or floor stand. This awe-inspiring display rental has the unique ability to swap and mirror content on either side of the screen to capture greater attention and imagination. This innovative technology just released by LG is a game changer and is now in our rental inventory.

Trade Show Uses:
These LG Dual-View OLED rentals will revolutionize any tradeshow presentation. The dual-screens can be built into the wall of your booth at your next show so that your viewers can see content both inside and out. Imagine the possibilities this could present to capture attendees’ attention. Designers will be able to tuck this display almost anywhere. With its pencil thin design and three mounting options, you can target two different vantage points while taking up minimal booth space, leaving more room for show attendees.

Marketing Event Uses:
Experiential events will never be the same with the LG OLED Display Rental. At shows, brand ambassadors can now present in 360 degrees. The dual screen view will allow them to present to and showcase information to multiple audiences at once. Can you imagine the WOW factor of such a versatile, sleek design? This will be a great tool to draw people in at events and leaving a lasting impression.
This innovative OLED display rental can be mounted hanging down from the ceiling at gaming competitions. The ability to mirror the screens could allow the gamers to battle face-to-face for the title. This could encourage a higher level of competition, interest and engagement by all attendees.

Retail Uses:
The LG Dual-View 55” OLED will be a game changer in the Retail space. This OLED Rental is ideal for proof of concept and product activations in the retail space. Stores can now show two different products at once while taking up less area on the selling floor. Malls or lobbies can now use one side for a directory or information and the other side can display “selling space” for advertising. This can maximize the use of space for the store, while helping inform their patrons and gaining maximum outreach to passersby. These displays will capture attention and provide the consumer experience that brings people back through your doors.

Take a closer look at the LG Dual-View 55 inch OLED Rental here.

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