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LCD display rentals can make even the most staid industry products or services look fascinating because they provide added emphasis and have that elusive something special that makes them stand out in a crowd. When you’re surrounded by competitors on the convention or trade show floor, the crystal-clear clarity and brilliant color of images on an LCD screen will immediately capture the attention of attendees and draw them to your booth or exhibit. If you’re renting an LCD display for your next event, be sure to take the time to determine the size, layout and style you need in order to get the most from it.

What Is The Big Picture?

It’s age-old advice, but "go big or go home" is still valid in today’s world, particularly when you’re marketing your business and its products and services. You can get an LCD display rental in sizes ranging from monitors that are less than 20 inches up to entire walls of large screens, but the best fit is the one with the most impact within a given space. Be sure that you know what the maximum allowable size is at each venue so that you don’t end up renting something that won’t fit the space allotted for your company. The big picture will vary from location to location, so plan accordingly; always check with the person in charge of the venue before ordering.

Generally, the bigger the screen, the more impressive it will look. If you have the luxury of a particularly big exhibit space or will be making a presentation in large lecture hall, you may want to order several wall panels or a bank of LCD display rentals for a truly impressive presentation that can be seen from every corner of the room. If you have limited exhibit space, consider going with a somewhat smaller screen or monitor that will capture the attention of visitors and draw them closer.

Picture In Picture For Maximum Interest In Your LCD Display Rental

If you have more than one format for your audio-visual exhibit, consider a liquid crystal display with picture-in-picture capabilities. You can then use the overall screen to highlight your company logo, website or a product demonstration while the smaller, imbedded screen can stream your blog, Facebook page, Twitter feed or interviews with satisfied customers. Visitors that are intrigued by the larger image will be enticed to come closer to see the smaller image, increasing traffic to your exhibit.

Become Interactive With Touch Screens

While any LCD display rental can add interest to your next exhibit, ones that are touch screen enabled will add an additional element of interactivity. More than one marketing study has shown that trade show attendees who can use a touch screen to page through a catalogue, answer short surveys or ask questions are more likely to order a product or service from that company. Information is also retained longer when individuals are able to make a tactile connection, keeping your company’s name in the forefront of their memories longer.

Be sure to talk to an experienced rental company before the next event so that you can determine what size LCD display rental you need and what additional options you’re interested in. The result will be a truly memorable exhibit.