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Rent HP Compaq & Dell laptop computers, notebook computers, Apple Powerbook, Apple Macbook Pro and HP Tablet pc’s from Abcom. Abcom’s rental inventory pool includes several thousand portable and mobile computers in stock and ready to ship out for same or the next day delivery to your office or event location. Rent laptops for classroom training, rent laptops for the corporate events, Rent Notebooks for traveling sales reps and for consultants Nationwide. Receive a white glove delivery and setup service even for small quantity of laptop computer rentals in most cities including Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Orlando. All laptop computer rentals come installed with Windows XP Pro and Microsoft Vista when available and are wireless wi-fi enabled for cable free networking and internet access.

Question: A question that many of our new clients ask frequently is that what is the smallest and the largest quantity of laptops they can rent from Abcom and what is the minimum term of the rental?

Answer: Abcom’s typical client rents anywhere from just one (1) to up to twelve hundred (1200) laptops anywhere from only 1 week to up to 12 months at a time. For events and corporate meetings, typical rentals constitute delivery, setup, networking, on site-support and final teardown of anywhere from 20 to 600 laptop computers for a one (1) to five (5) day event.

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