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When it comes to dominating the showroom floor at any corporate event, companies have to be ready to not only stand out from the exhibiting oppositions, but actually demonstrate how their organization leaves the participating competition far, far behind. In order to captivate the meandering masses, incorporating the very latest technology innovations into their exhibits is a must. Not only does using state of the art equipment help differentiate your booth and business as a trendsetter, but today’s devices and equipment can efficiently streamline the entire trade show process, quickly eliminating wasted time and unnecessary stress incurred by your representing team.

Multi-Touch Tables Deliver Impressive Range Of Features And Benefits

One of the hottest corporate event trends that is helping companies in every industry command audience attention? Multi-touch tables. Delivering visually compelling graphics, cutting edge interactive technology and virtually limitless customization options, a multi-touch table has proven its value with countless entrepreneurs looking to maximize showroom results.

Sleek and sophisticated, yet impressively user-friendly, incorporating a multi-touch table into your live encounter exhibit provides a litany of features and benefits that includes:

Assisting with customer basics: Never again will your employees have to tediously manage new contact information, use technology for business card scanning to have visiting guests instantly leave their relevant information for future follow up.

Solicit invaluable feedback: Want real time input from your client demographic? Use your multi-touch table to conduct live surveys with passing guests to gain insight on what your company is doing right…and what could use some work.

Interactive product demos: Stop wasting time and money on printed product handouts that quickly get thrown in the recycle bin, use your multi-touch table to captivate your targeted audience with interactive product demonstrations. Prospective clients can even customize their experience by putting in their specific needs and requests – the interactive software will do all the work for your team and put together a personalized proposal in minutes.

Stay Financial Savvy By Opting For An Interactive Kiosk Rental

Best of all, using a multi-touch table as part of your corporate exhibit doesn’t have to prove cost prohibitive. At ABCOMRENTS, we offer a distinctive range of interactive kiosk rental options for clients who want all the advantages our devices offer, without the full-time commitment that comes with purchasing these products outright. Want to hear more about our interactive kiosk rental options?  Contact us today for more information!