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The future of meetings is here with ABCOMRENTS exclusive Innovate Surface Table. Now, it’s possible for colleagues to share information and collaborate on projects in an interactive manner.

The Innovate Surface Table is a 46″ or 55″ Ultra-Slim 1.2″ LED screen that’s table height! That’s right, just pull up a chair and start working. Innovate has 10 simultaneous touch points, giving everyone in the meeting a chance to participate.

Using Innovate In The Office

An Innovate Surface Table rental from ABCOMRENTS has many applications of an office environment. One of the table’s greatest features is the ability to bring colleagues together. Use Innovate:

  • In the training room. Instead of passive participation in a training seminar, employees can learn hands-on. They’ll be more focused on the session and learn more through this active participation.
  • In the conference room. Tired of hauling papers, laptops, tablets and smartphones into every meeting? Innovate can replace all of that. Powered by a Quad-Core PC with Windows 8 and Built-in Wireless, Innovate hooks right into your network. All the data, reports, charts and graphs that everyone needs will be right at your fingertips.
  • In the sales room. Innovate is an excellent sales tool. All the information and data your sales force needs is right at hand. Employees can quickly pull up data and product information to answer those unexpected questions. And you’re sure to leave an impression with your technologically-advanced sales presentation.
  • In the lobby. Use Innovate in the lobby to educate visitors. Set up interactive programs, slideshows, video messages, and more to keep guests engaged while they wait.

Arrange Your Surface Table Rental Today

ABCOMRENTS is the exclusive distributor of the Innovate Surface Table. We provide this interactive meeting table rental by the day, week, month or even longer. So if you’ve got a training session, an open house, or a big meeting coming up, contact us to arrange a demo or rent this incredible machine. We’ll help you get the table set up well ahead of time so you can test your program or content, and learn how to use the machine before the big event.

We offer surface table rental anywhere in the country. ABCOMRENTS has been a proven leader in technology rentals and services for the past 25 years, providing unsurpassed service and superior support.

Call us at 630-250-9393 or request a surface table rental quote online today.