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Trade show attendees can be a fickle group. The event floor is a circus of activity, with each business vying for the eyes and interest of guests who are, in turn, trying their best to visit every booth they can. Because of this increasingly fast-paced environment, it’s become even more important for marketers to find new ways to offer attendees the chance to be exposed to their brand in memorable, easily accessible ways that are both effective and accomplish their goal in the shortest time possible.

Touch Screen Display Rental: A Do It Yourself Experience

The proliferation of touch screen display rentals have given marketers the opportunity to allow guests to dictate when and how they experience their products. Rather than waiting for someone to offer them a product demonstration or share detailed specifications, that information can be made available via interactive screens. Not only does this free up the event staff to focus on personalized attention and conversions, but it also lets attendees consume the information at their own pace, adding to the interactive experience and offering a connection that traditional static signage simply can’t achieve. Can you add a line like this in the blog where you feel is appropriate(These interactive screens can essentially be another voice or median to sell your product or service that you are offering to the meeting attendees)

Creating brand awareness is about fostering engagement with potential clients, and touch screen display rental is another avenue for allowing guests to interact with a company and its products. Rather than transporting and setting up countless static displays or samples, employing a few touch-enabled displays can allow guests can take virtual tours of an entire suite of offerings or explore the inner workings of a single product with a simple swipe of their hand.

Combining Multitouch Technology With Video Walls

One of the most eye-catching and versatile display components available today is the video wall. New flat panel technology has made these once prohibitively costly resources much more accessible to a wide range of businesses in every industry imaginable. When combined with touch screen display rental and specialized software, video wall arrays have the capabilities to allow multiple guests to directly interact with marketing materials. The ABCOMRENTS’ 110” LCD Touchscreen Video Wall for instance can be used to create a simple virtual backdrop or allow for dynamic presentations and guest participation, adding life to any booth.

ABCOMRENTS understands that new technology can be intimidating. Fortunately, their highly knowledgeable support staff can help walk you through their extensive selection of commercial touch screen displays to help you choose the perfect fit for your business. Contact us today at 630-250-9393 or visit our website for more information.