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Hot in the Rental Market, the Mirror Display – 55” or 32”
Samsung ML55E and ML32E

Digital signage inlaid in a mirror? Now we have seen it all! ABCOMRENTS has just added a brand new technology, the Samsung Mirror Display to our rental inventory and we are really excited about it. The Samsung MLE is a unique hybrid display mirror rental that is new to the market and capturing attention in an amazing way. Now, you may be wondering what a mirror display is. Imagine if you had a mirror that you were able to display content in any portion of it! – There you have it!

The Samsung mirror display rental offers seamless transition between mirror and content. The display has an embedded proximity sensor that transitions the display between the two as someone approaches. Everything about the transition is customizable too! You can pick the sensitivity, the size of the displayed content and the behavior of the transition allowing the view to have a custom experience with your content. Samsung’s MLE series offers a clearer, more visible presentation by featuring a polarized film overlay that allows a 90% transmittance and a 55% reflectance. This means the consumer will have a more vivid experience when interacting with this display. These options allow the mirror display rental to meet any business’ digital signage needs; it’s the total package!

Ideal Use Cases

  • Tradeshows
  • Experiential Marketing Events
  • Salons/Gyms
  • Pop-up Rental
  • Retail Settings
  • As Digital Signage

ABCOMRENTS is one of very few companies that have specialty items like the Samsung Mirror Display (ML55E and ML32E) in our rental inventory. New technologies like this can be costly and difficult to upkeep. We have added it to our rental inventory to help businesses like yours utilize this display without all of the hassle.  We want to bring this to your next show for you. Check out the Samsung MLE 55-inch or 32- inch in our rental inventory and stay tined because the touch version is soon to come!


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