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Just because you’re renting a trade show exhibit doesn’t mean it has to look cheap. Today’s trade show display rentals go way beyond the bland pop-ups or banner stands of the past. While rentals still include standard booth items like seating, podiums and storage cabinets, they also include several “bells and whistles” like large LCD or LED projectors, computers and interactive kiosks. With all of the different products available, exhibitors can create their own unique booth for much less than the cost of purchasing a custom-made exhibit.

Use Trade Show Display Rentals To Draw A Crowd

Convention crowds love to try out new products, watch videos and demonstrations and play with latest technology. Trade show display rentals can meet these needs without breaking your budget. Consider adding the following to your booth to draw a crowd

  • Displays and Projectors. Adding LCD or LED projectors and video players allows exhibitors to run videos or product demonstrations with little more than the touch of a button. Up the “wow” factor with a video wall and watch the crowd come in.
  • Laptops and Computers. Laptops and computers are a great way for convention-goers to test out new programs, visit your company website, answer surveys or enter a contest or just watch a PowerPoint presentation. Provide an inviting environment, add comfortable seating, then start chatting up your visitors.
  • Speakers and Audio Equipment. Create an entire environment by adding sound to your display. People are more likely to purchase a product if it is associated with more than one sense. Don’t just show your product or services. Create an experience around them by adding sound. Booth visitors might appreciate an oasis of calm on exhibit floor or they may get invigorated by energizing sounds coming from your booth. Don’t underestimate the power of sound to change a person’s perspective.
  • Lighting. Highlight your logo, your new product or just add some color to your booth with lighting. A change in light from the rest of the convention floor will draw the eye and encourage a visit.

Let Your Creativity Shine

There is no limit to what you can do with trade show display rentals. Even if you already participate in trade shows, there is always room for improvement by adding some of these tech items. Arrange a line of touchscreen displays along your booth or mix and match tablets, and ipad kiosks for an interactive exhibit. Wow your audience with the latest and greatest technology and stretch your exhibit budget at the same time by renting items for trade show displays instead of purchasing them.