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Apple laptop rentals aren’t always at the top of the list when companies consider renting computers for temporary use, but there are several situations in which they’re the best choice. Apple laptops are known for their reliability, their resistance to viruses and excellent computing capabilities, particularly if you’ll be working with materials that require a lot of processing capabilities, such as graphic design or videos.

Creative Services’ Presentations To Clients

Graphic artists, game creators, architects and a host of other creative service providers use Apple laptop rentals when they have new projects that come up and are beyond the scope of their current Apple laptop capabilities. Apple laptop rentals are also used when they need to provide them to contract workers that are hired to help with the project. The next time you have to travel to a client location and give a pitch to a prospective customer or investor, consider renting an Apple laptop as ABCOM carries the highest quality equipment and the latest models.

Corporate Training Sessions

Whenever the home office or a local educational hub is offering training sessions, Apple laptop rentals are a great way to get plenty of computers for your employees or students on a temporary basis. ABCOM can supply you from a few Apple laptop rentals to hundreds along with great technical support. We’ll even take care of the custom configuration, delivery, setup and tear down after the session is ended. It’s the ideal solution whenever you need a large quantity of high-speed laptops for
a short-term project.

Conventions & Tradeshows

To compete on the trade show floor, your presentation needs to be high powered and graphics-intensive. There’s no better way to capture the attention of potential customers than with a high-resolution image of your product in use than with an Apple laptop rental.

Temporary Offices

Whenever companies need temporary offices with the latest computer capabilities, they turn to our Apple laptop rentals. Whether you’re working on a film crew, hosting seasonal events or manning a disaster relieve center, Apple laptop rentals are reliable and durable with excellent processing capabilities for whatever your temporary or emergency needs are.

If you’re considering Apple laptop rentals for your business, talk to one of our seasoned customer service representatives at 630-250-9393 or visit our website. Our reps can walk you through the process and make sure all of your computer rental needs are met.