As the leading provider of interactive technology solutions, ABCOMRENTS creates partnerships with clients to help them reach their event goals. We strategize, design and implement full-service event productions with innovative technology solutions, state-of-the-art rental equipment, and all the supporting infrastructure. Our unparalleled service allows us to produce flawless, technology-rich events, while our clients can focus on the event management.


Here is a little history about ABCOM

People always asked "What does your company do?" Answer - "We rent computers" Response - "You do what????" It's pretty funny actually. Who rents computers? WE DO!!!


Computer Rentals in 1989

Our company was founded back when the demand was increasing for computers in company operations.The capital investment for computers was prohibitive for most companies and everyone was still apprehensive of adopting this new technology. This demand led to the creation of computer rental companies like us.


Meeting Industry Rentals in 1999

As the years progressed, computer pricing, like any other new technology became more affordable and companies started budgeting for capital investments in computers and technology. ABCOMRENTS shifted its focus to the event rental industry in the late 90s. The meeting industry was evolving as tradeshows and conventions were becoming more popular. The demand for technology to support these events created a perfect niche for our skillset and ABCOMRENTS became a leader in supporting this new meeting industry.


Game Changing Plasma Displays of 2001

Our first website was built in-house using Microsoft Frontpage. It was pretty basic, but gave us a web presence to allow our team to expand outside of Chicago. We added our first Plasma Displays from NEC Display Solutions, the NEC 42MP1 Plasma Display model. Back then, it was the BOMB, a truly flat screen display that connected to a computer and showed off your products at a tradeshow. It was a game changer for our company and trade show booths everywhere!


Audio Visual Equipment Rental Inventory Added in 2007

We added Audio Visual Equipment Rentals to our inventory and partnered with hotels, in-house AV Companies and other rental companies to support their client events as well as cross-renting equipment to them. We not only provided equipment but we focused on labor coordination, service and support as well.


Over the years, our philosophy was to never stay stagnant.
We always have and always will shift focus as technology evolves.

Video Wall Display Solution Rentals Added in 2011

We added VIDEO WALLS to the mix. Another game changer addition to the events industry, the Ultra Narrow Bezel video wall panels, was all the rage. This product allows us to build you huge, custom walls with virtually no bezel between the displays. We purchased our first set of 10 panels to build a 3x3 wall (plus a space unit), a very large investment for our company at the time, but a good decision and the first of many.


Interactive Touchscreen Rentals Available in 2011

A big year for technology and ABCOMRENTS, Interactive Touchscreens were starting to gain significant ground. With some foresight into tech trends, we knew this was going to be huge for the Event Industry and began offering touchscreen rental solutions including Touch Displays, Touch Video Walls and even developing our own products including the Innovate Touch Table.


Partnership with ABSEN LED Displays in 2014

Our clients began requesting extremely large video walls, ones that exceeded the capabilities of the Ultra Narrow Displays. With some research, we found a manufacturer and partner to help us bridge the gap, ABSEN LED Displays. As a leading manufacturer of LED display solutions, ABSEN began creating product lines to match ABCOMRENTS client demands and add to our inventory. This newly founded partnership gave us the capability to build and create limitless sized video walls.


First Acquisition for ABCOMRENTS in 2015

The acquisition of RENTFUSION was a strategic move that has supported the company’s continued growth. The acquisition comes after months of searching for a company that aligns with ABCOMRENTS vision, company culture, services, and capabilities. RENTFUSION had offices in Chicago, Las Vegas and Orlando with a full service support staff to handle any client needs, so the decision was an easy one to make and a perfect fit!


ABCOMRENTS Opens Throughout Texas

ABCOMRENTS acquired its second company: Smart Technology Rentals, which created new fulfillment centers in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio. ABCOMRENTS has maintained a clear focus on digital signage and interactive solutions, bringing every-day technology as well as the technology of tomorrow to the rental industry. Smart Technology’s focus has been on servicing the local Texas markets with IT services. Combining the ABCOMRENTS product offerings with Smart Technology infrastructure will bring an entirely new offering to the local Texas markets.


ABCOMRENTS Partners with Dubin Clark to support future growth initiatives

ABCOMRENTS makes its biggest move yet! ABCOMRENTS partners with Dubin Clark to support future growth initiatives. In recent years, ABCOM has grown rapidly, both organically and via acquisitions. In addition to its six offices nationwide, ABCOMRENTS has plans to continue expansion via new locations and partnerships. In collaboration with Dubin Clark, the Company will grow and expand, on a transcontinental basis, the three foundational pillars of its business model, namely: ABCOMRENTS (Technology Rentals); ABCOMDSS (Digital Signage Solutions); and ABCOMAMS (Asset Management Services). With the operational support and financial backing of Dubin Clark, ABCOM will continue its market share growth and become a highly-scalable platform for industry consolidation.


ABCOMRENTS Acquires SmartSource Rentals to Create the Leading Provider of Outsourced IT and Event Technology Solutions

The combined company is positioned to better serve its customers through best-in-class offerings in key markets and high-growth verticals across North America with a broad and innovative offering of services to enhance the customer experience. With more than 60 years of combined industry experience, ABCOM and SmartSource share the same focus and values when it comes to anticipating customers’ ever-changing needs. Today and in the future, ABCOM is continually investing in the solutions and capabilities that will enhance the customer experience and move the business forward. Our leadership team and staff are passionate about what we do and why we do it. We are here to make an impact in our industry and support our partners for LIFE!