All About LED Video Wall Rentals

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LED video walls are essentially one large viewing screen that is made up of many individual tiles. These tiles are custom configured to any size or shape wall and are specially designed to create a truly seamless display. They are engineered to daisy-chain all of the tiles’ power and data, which can then be managed…

Pump Up The Excitement At Your Next Music Event With An LED Video Wall Rental

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Music festivals are as much about seeing the performers as they are about hearing the music. LED video walls are the perfect solution, delivering high-def resolution in enormous sizes. In fact, it’s hard to find a concert, music, or film festival today that doesn’t have an LED video wall. EDC, Lollapalooza, the ZRG Film Festival…the…

ABCOMRENTS Is Your Source For Digital Signage At Tradeshows

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Digital communications are everywhere these days. You can find digital billboards along the highway or even digital signs in the fast food drive-thru lane. It’s no surprise that the technology is now starting to show up on the tradeshow floor. With ABCOMRENTS innovative designs and services, we make your digital signage  stand out and grab…

NEC Touchscreen Rental Ranks at the Top in Function and Versatility

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NEC has always been an important part of the video wall world and ABCOMRENTS is now one of their largest distributors. NEC products are consistently high-quality and high-performance, meeting a variety of needs across industries. Now, those capabilities have become even more functional and versatile with touchscreen technology available on all NEC video wall panels….

Achieve Maximum Exposure with a 46 or 55 Video Wall Rental

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When it comes to getting noticed, bigger is better and our new NEC 46″ and 55″ video wall rentals are the perfect size for exposure without being overwhelming. Perfect for conventions, meetings, corporate events and retreats, these rentals are professional-grade and able to handle 24/7 operations with ease, providing peace of mind during busy events….

Interactive Multi-Touch Tables: The Hottest Trend In Trade Shows

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When it comes to dominating the showroom floor at any corporate event, companies have to be ready to not only stand out from the exhibiting oppositions, but actually demonstrate how their organization leaves the participating competition far, far behind. In order to captivate the meandering masses, incorporating the very latest technology innovations into their exhibits…

Why LED Video Wall Rental May Be The Perfect Marketing Solution For Your Business

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There’s little argument that video walls are one of the most impressive and eye catching modern marketing tools available. With flat panel displays becoming lighter, thinner and increasingly affordable, the options for using them in multi-screen arrays to create large, dynamic marketing visuals are increasingly appealing for businesses of every size. While the technology is…

3 Innovative Ways To Utilize Touchscreen LCD Display Rental At Your Next Trade Show

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Technology has become a major component of nearly every marketing event, with screens of varying shapes and sizes allowing businesses to interact with their potential clients in new and exciting ways. The recent advent of touchscreen technology has opened up an additional avenue for trade show guests to interact with marketing materials, and given rise…

3 Ways A Touch-enabled Video Wall Rental Can Help You Engage And Impress Trade Show Guests

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In the last few years, video wall rentals have become an increasingly common component in many business marketing strategies. These impressive displays can make an immediate and lasting impact on tradeshow guests, allowing for a level of message customization and visual versatility unparalleled in the industry. But now, new touchscreen capabilities are taking these impressive…

The Samsung ME Series Offers Diverse Range Of LED Display Rental Solutions

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It’s no secret that the Samsung ME Series of displays has prominently left its mark on the showroom floor. Offering a superior HD display and slim, easy to transport chassis, this product line has earned its reputation as an obvious choice for businesses looking to stand apart from the highly-competitive trade show marketing crowd for…

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