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ABCOMRENTS offers a wide array of rental solutions including Computer Rentals, Digital Signage Rentals as well as Interactive Touch Screen Rentals. The new Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 combines all of these technologies into a single, contemporary and attractive all-in-one! With a large 27” 10-Point Multi-Touch LED Screen, the A720 is the slimmest 27” desktop on the market at the time it was released.

Tradeshows and marketing events demand that exhibitors and producers are able to engage attendees in a variety of ways and be agile to the changing interests of their audience. This need for flexible systems has led many producers to begin implementing all-in-one computing and display solutions that allow them to deploy a self-contained display capable of autonomously handling graphics, video, programs and interactivity. The brand new Lenovo IdeaCentre A720 provides all of these capabilities and is one of the thinnest, most versatile and most visually contemporary desktop designs ever created.

A Striking Combination of Style and Substance

More than just a versatile tabletop computer, the incredibly thin IdeaCentre blurs the line between a desktop and a very large tablet. The full HD (1920×1080) 27″ screen can be pivoted to provide a variety of display options, from -5 degrees to 90 degrees. This variable viewing angle makes it the perfect solution for both displaying traditional media and for presenting interactive materials like games or product demos. Built-in NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics with DirectX® 11 provide Chrystal clear, immersive images that are impossible to ignore. Meanwhile, the frameless design allows you ample real estate for all of your marketing visuals.


Touch Technology

While the A720 can utilize an ultra-responsive AccuType wireless keyboard & optical mouse, exhibitors and attendees will appreciate the ability to incorporate the on-board multi-touch capabilities into their display plans. With its 10-point multi-touch functionality, the IdeaCentre adds a whole new level of interactivity to any presentation. Whether using gestures to give facility tours, or letting guests explore for themselves with up to 10 simultaneous points of contact, the A720 makes stagnant images and videos truly come alive.

Worry-free Computer Rental from ABCOMRENTS

There’s no doubt that computer rental and digital signage has become a key component to any successful trade show appearance, but you don’t want to have to worry about technical problems wreaking havoc with your presentation plans. At ABCOMRENTS our knowledgeable technicians can help get your computer rental up and running and ensure that your event goes off without a hitch. With easy to access support, and local delivery, setup and teardown services, we give you the confidence to focus on selling your business, no setting up your computer rental.

To find out more about the Lenovo IdeaCentre A720, or any of the innovative display products from ABCOMRENTS, use our convenient contact form to send us any questions or enquire about a price quote.