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LED video walls are essentially one large viewing screen that is made up of many individual tiles. These tiles are custom configured to any size or shape wall and are specially designed to create a truly seamless display. They are engineered to daisy-chain all of the tiles’ power and data, which can then be managed right from your laptop. All LED video wall rentals at ABCOM include LED software to manage your content.  Depending on what you want to display, the pixel pitch can make a difference. The smaller the pixel pitch the better and the higher the resolution. Other benefits of LED wall tiles include a long lifespan and reliability.

LED Video Wall Rentals Uses

LED rentals can be used for various types of events and on stages that are indoors or outdoors. You’ve probably seen them numerous times and realize the visual impact they have. They are commonly used at trade shows, stadiums, concerts and large group presentations.

LED video wall rentals have many benefits over simply using it as a large screen for an event. One of the most compelling reasons for LED tile rental is the ability to customize the size and shape of your screen. These tiles can also be used to dress up “goal post” truss structures, build LED truss towers and create very unique LED designs.

LED video wall rentals are also replacing the standard LCD Projector Rental for PowerPoint presentations as well as projection in meetings with General Sessions. These walls are ideal in highly lit spaces where projectors would be ineffective and low-lit areas to create a presence.

Overall, LED tile rentals are appropriate for any short-term application where you want to share your information with a large crowd and have small text legible. LED video wall rentals can create jaw-dropping digital signage in a sleek package. The wall tiles are thin and lightweight and easy to construct.  They can be ground supported or hung flying via truss. When hung, LED rentals can free up precious floor space and place the images at or above eye-level.

Visit ABCOMRENTS For Video Wall Rentals

ABCOMRENTS offers a range of LED Video Wall rentals across the country. One of our most popular products is the Absen A3 Pro Tile. The Absen A3 Pro has a 3.9 mm pixel pitch giving it excellent image and small text viewing quality. The end result is seamless images that can be adjusted with the built-in intelligent control system.

ABCOMRENTS has been a proven leader in technology rentals and services for the past 25 years and has sustained significant growth year over year by providing unsurpassed service and superior support on a national level. LED video wall rentals are available nationwide by the day, week, month or even longer. Arrange an LED tile rental at 630-250-9393 or by requesting a quote online.