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Digital communications are everywhere these days. You can find digital billboards along the highway or even digital signs in the fast food drive-thru lane. It’s no surprise that the technology is now starting to show up on the tradeshow floor.

With ABCOMRENTS innovative designs and services, we make your digital signage  stand out and grab attention, which is why we’ve soared in popularity at crowded events like tradeshows.

Digital signage at tradeshows can take many forms. It may be something small, like an iPad or an interactive kiosk at your booth or it can be large like a wall-mounted monitor or LED screen or even an LED wall. No matter what type of digital equipment is used, the expectation is the same – to display your message or content flawlessly during the event.

Advantages of Digital Signage At Tradeshows

Digital signage has a number of advantages over more traditional signage options. Think about the chaos that can be found on a tradeshow floor. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. Some purchase huge printed displays that tower over the floor. Other exhibitors have games or gimmicks planned to draw a crowd. These things cost huge amounts of money and staff time, and are not something every exhibitor can afford. Not only that, they have the disadvantage of not really communicating a message. They are attention grabbers. That’s it.

Digital signage is different. It stands out on the floor but it also lets you:

  • Communicate in several different ways: , images, video, charts and graphic, interactive surveys, animations, or any combination of above.
  • Quickly swap out your message depending on the audience.
  • Promote a variety of products or services using one screen.
  • Rotate your message or integrate messages with one another, like a slideshow presentation.
  • Save space over hauling different as many different products as possible to the event.
  • Use motion, sound and high-definition graphics to draw attention.
  • Capitalize on its versatility. Digital signs can be swapped out, changed, deleted or uploaded at any time, keeping costs down for exhibitors who change products or graphics frequently.
  • Educate and entertain visitors.

Tradeshow Support And Service From ABCOMRENTS

At ABCOMRENTS you’ll find everything you need to start using digital signage at tradeshows. Not only do we rent iPads, interactive kiosks, wall monitors, laptops, LED screen, video equipment and sound systems, every digital signage rental includes full tradeshow service and support if you need it.

We can help you:

  • Choose your digital signage
  • Deliver and set-up the rented pieces
  • Program your message
  • Tear-down after the event

If you’re ready to take your exhibit to the next level, contact us at 630-250-9393 to discuss your needs. We rent nationwide by the day, week, month or even longer giving you plenty of time to test out your digital message before the big event. ABCOMRENTS has been a proven leader in technology rentals and services since 1989. During that time we’ve sustained significant growth year over year by providing unsurpassed service and superior support on a national level.

Arrange for your digital signage rental by calling us at 630-250-9393 or request a quote online.