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In the last few years, video wall rentals have become an increasingly common component in many business marketing strategies. These impressive displays can make an immediate and lasting impact on tradeshow guests, allowing for a level of message customization and visual versatility unparalleled in the industry. But now, new touchscreen capabilities are taking these impressive screens to a new level of effectiveness and interactivity that promises to change the landscape of event marketing.

Multitouch Capabilities

Stunning visuals and immersive size have always been the draw in the video wall rental space. A towering array of screens is virtually impossible to ignore, and the messages they present are always impactful. But the one missing component in even the most effective video display is interactivity. With products like ABCOMRENTS’ new 92” LCD Touchscreen Video Wall with 32-point multitouch capability, not just one, but also multiple guests can now reach out and physically interact with marketing materials. Whether it’s simple games, interactive forms or virtual product tours, the multitouch video wall rentals quite literally puts your message in the hands of the audience.

Show Stopping Presentations

Touchscreens aren’t just for meeting attendees. Multitouch capability turns a video wall rental into the ideal presentation platform. Company information, sales statistics or product details can now be showcased in new and exciting ways that allow one or multiple presenters to physically interact with the content. The presentation capabilities of video walls extend far beyond the trade show floor. Touch technology is perfectly suited for regional or national sales meetings, employee training sessions, investor presentations, or board meetings. Imagine a product image that can be rotated with a swipe, or expanded for an internal view by drawing it apart with two hands. Touch technology allows for a new and incredibly impactful collision of the virtual and physical worlds.

Unmatched Versatility

All of the above uses for video wall rental combine to make up what may be the biggest advantage to utilizing these touch-enabled devices: versatility. It wasn’t that long ago that marketing and sales visuals were strictly static creations, requiring redesign and production with every new angle or idea. The advancement of flat screen technology created accessible video tools for many businesses. Now, touchscreens are allowing marketers to produce new, engaging presentations, graphics and displays that can be customized on the fly to react to changing trends. The ability to make frequent adjustments to a marketing display means businesses can quickly and easily react to the changing face of their industry and client base.

ABCOMRENTS now offers touchscreen displays in a wide range of sizes and configurations to suit virtually any need. To browse our entire selection of products, visit our website or call 630-250-9393 to speak with one of our knowledgeable account representatives.