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When it comes to touch screen display rental, the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense is, in many situations, the ideal device to maximize your organization’s capabilities. Let’s look at just three places in which renting a SUR40 can provide the technological edge your organization requires.

Tradeshow Exhibits

The day-to-day operations of your organization may not call for the purchase of quite so powerful a piece of technology. But, when you’re visiting a trade show, putting your organization before the public’s gaze, renting a Samsung SUR40 makes an attention-drawing, peerlessly versatile tool to put your best face before a crowd. Regardless of where inside the venue your booth may be set up, the full-HD 1080p LCD display provides such a clear and bright picture that there’s no danger of being washed out by the sunlight areas of a room or outshone by any competitor’s booth. ABCOMRENTS also offers full-service trade show setup support to ensure that your display is as impressive a draw as possible.

Educational Or Training Sessions

Budgets for corporate training programs and professional certification and enrichment courses generally are too small to make the purchase of touch screen technology feasible, but rental of one or several Samsung SUR40s can be an invaluable teaching aide, whether it’s for the entire length of the course or simply a single lesson. The SUR40’s fold-out legs allow it to function horizontally, as a table on which several colleagues can work simultaneously, or it can be mounted on a wall to allow the facilitator to enhance their lectures with the ultimate multimedia learning experience. The screen is protected by damage-resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, allowing for a worry free, touch screen capability with as many as four people working on it at the same time.

Meetings And Conferences

Beyond the advantages described above, the Samsung SUR40’s incorporation of Microsoft’s industry-leading PixelSense technology makes it an ideal touch screen device to employ during breakout sessions at meetings or conferences. PixelSense enables the SUR40 to simultaneously identify and respond to hands, fingers, or styluses on its screen at numerous points of contact, ensuring that the SUR40 will be able to capture the input from a brainstorming session, for example, just as quickly as your employees are able to think of ideas. This type of technology takes ‘note-taking’ to a whole other level!

These are just three of the countless places that can benefit from the rental of a touch screen display. Rental of a Samsung SUR40 at ABCOMRENTS ensures that your organization will have access to one of the most powerful pieces of computing technology available at an affordable price.