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Technology has become a major component of nearly every marketing event, with screens of varying shapes and sizes allowing businesses to interact with their potential clients in new and exciting ways. The recent advent of touchscreen technology has opened up an additional avenue for trade show guests to interact with marketing materials, and given rise to the use of LCD display rental for booth features that offer businesses the opportunity to engage attendees in ways that were once, at least impractical and in some cases impossible.

Virtual Booth Attendants

“Time is money” is a common refrain for nearly every successful business, and that sentiment is never more true than on the trade show floor. Making connections with attendees and cultivating viable leads is one of the primary goals for trade show exhibitors, and their ability to interact with as many guests as possible can have the biggest impact on an event’s success. While video displays have always had eye-catching appeal, touchscreen functionality now allows users to dictate how they receive information. A touchscreen LCD display rental outfitted with accompanying software that contains informational materials, product details and specifications turns into a frontline sales tool that can free up human staff and pull double duty by not only drawing in attendees but giving them preliminary sales information.

Interactive Tour Guides

Want to show off your company’s facility, such as the manufacturing plant or innovation center to people visiting your booth? Where once pictures and static video had to suffice, touch technology can now put users inside your building with the power to push and swipe their way through the halls. Having a sense of control over where they go and what they see can help impart a connection that’s not possible with strictly still visual displays.

Impressive Video Walls

For the ultimate in large, visually engaging, interactive displays utilize a touchscreen LCD display rental. At ABCOMRENTS, we offer a 138” LCD Touchscreen Video Wall, incorporating a 3 x 3 array of monitors, allowing for immersive graphics and 32-point multi-touch functionality. Branding, marketing visuals and even presentations can be brought to life with a tap of the finger or drag of the hand. Video walls are the ultimate in eye-catching, engaging technology and can help give you that much sought-after edge on the competition.

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