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10K Lumens HD DLP Projector Rental: Christie Roadster HD10K-M

10K Lumens HD DLP Projector Rental: Christie Roadster HD10K-M

The Christie M Series, a flexible, efficient line of 3-chip DLP® projectors, with your needs in mind. A sleek, compact chassis and provide with a full set of options. The most compact in its class, this dual mercury lamp platform provides the high-performance and feature-rich standards. Ranging from 2850 ANSI lumens/3135 center lumens (single lamp, 200W) to 10,500 ANSI lumens/11,550 center lumens (dual lamp, 350W)
The Christie M Series platform now includes four resolutions, WXGA (1366 x 768), SX+ (1400 x 1050), HD (1920 x 1080) and WUXGA (1920 x 1200), all with a variable contrast ratio of 2500-10,000:1* (full on/full off) / 650:1 ANSI for crisp, detailed images. Each of the projectors in the series can also be fitted with the broadest range of high-quality lenses – all with true Intelligent Lens System (ILSTM) capabilities.

10K Lumens HD DLP Projector Rental: Christie Roadster HD10K-M 10K Lumens HD DLP Projector Rental: Christie Roadster HD10K-M
Specifications for UN65C6500
Dual-lamp system 1, 2

High-efficiency, dual-lamp system:

  • 200W or 350W (two lamp system)
  • 120V (operation) for full brightness
  • At maximum brightness 10,500 ANSI lumens (11,500 center lumens) the unit only draws 1320W
  • Stand by power consumption (phantom power draw) is less than 20W
  • Lamps can be hot swapped while projector is powered on and in use
Brightness 200W 350W
Dual lamp max power 6300 ANSI lumens
(6930 center lumens)
10,500 ANSI lumens
(11,500 center lumens)
min power 4725 ANSI lumens
(5200 center lumens)
8535 ANSI lumens
(9400 center lumens)
Single lamp max power 3150 ANSI lumens
(3465 center lumens)
5250 ANSI lumens
(5775 center lumens)
min power 2360 ANSI lumens
(2600 center lumens)
4260 ANSI lumens
(4700 center lumens)

Lumen values in table above are for SX+ models.
Flexible lumens levels at various lamp powers.
Lamp power is specific to each model and cannot be interchanged.

Image quality
3-chip DLP® technology, high-quality optics and world-class 10-bit image processing.With low maintenance and highly reliable (>100,000 hours) DLP® technology, the Christie M Series delivers:

  • High brightness
  • Excellent color
  • Excellent uniformity
  • High contrast
  • Excellent fill ratio
Intelligent Lens System (ILS)
  • The ILS automatically recognizes and calibrates a lens when it is installed. Stepper motor based encoding ensures that motor drift does not occur, as typically found with DC encoded motors, providing accurate and repeatable recall of all lens offset, zoom and focus positions.
Dynamic iris
  • Ideal for video applications, the dynamic iris is a channel-configurable option. It automatically adjusts an internal iris
    to extend the range of blacks and provide richer details during dark scenes for true image reproduction.
  • A variable contrast ratio of 2500-10,000:1 produces a picture with a rich, dynamic appearance.
Embedded Christie Twist
  • Standard in all M Series models, Christie Twist enables seamless white and black level edge-blending of multiple curved images, faster and more easily than through traditional, manual methods. Controlled by an easy-to-use GUI users can expertly control and edge blend or stack multiple curved images. As well, images can be warped to fit virtually any dimension or shape display. Embedded Christie Twist ensures that all M Series projectors work with value-added accessories, such as Christie AutoStack.
Multi-window/screen processing
  • External processors are not required for simple, small tiled and blended arrays, therefore lowering your costs for installation. Each M Series projector has the ability to send signals to multiple projectors (up to a 3 x 3 array)* without any additional hardware or software. The projectors in the tiled array can then show only the portion of the signal that they need to project.

    Multi-window/screen processing

Embedded edge blending and color matching
  • Advanced blending capabilities and Comprehensive Color Adjustment (CCA) ensure digitally accurate color matching and uniformity across multi-screen blended or tiled images.


  • The LiteLOC feature automatically manages your display’s brightness levels over time so that you can match the brightness of a multiple projector system in tiled or blended arrays.
  • This feedback system continuously monitors lamp brightness, so that as the lamp goes through its natural brightness decay, the system increases the lamp power in order to maintain consistent brightness.


  • Wide screen ratios provide a multitude of benefits in a variety of different projection applications. Carefully matching the pixel format of the projector with that of the sources to be displayed will ensure the best image quality and maximum impact. The M Series now offers 4:3, 16:9 and 16:10 models to match the aspect ratio requirements of any application.